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Takeoff Types

The Eclare TAKEOFF TYPE menu option allows you to define takeoff variations. Use these categories to identify and group custom "on the fly" estimates and create a searchable library of historical estimates for later recall and to use as a starting point for a new custom estimate.


Eclare TAKEOFFS are a job's detailed material list that contains individual items including labor and materials.


A TASK is an activity within the PSClient construction schedule. A task will have a description (example: Plumbing Rough In) and have a duration and a vendor assigned to complete the task. The task may also have one or more PREDECESSOR tasks.

Terminal Set Up

TERMINAL refers to an individual's workstation.  The individual's configuration settings such as  prompting for backup upon program close can be set that will affect the individual's computer only

Time Cards

A TIMECARD is a piece of paper or cardboard that is put into a special clock in order to record the times when an employee starts and stops working.  Gemini uses the same concept to enter an employee's hours for a specified period.


To-Do is a term used interchangeably with Transaction. These transactions are assigned to a customer (Client) record in PSClient.

To-Dos are reminders for upcoming events like a meeting or a scheduled phone call. To-Dos are also a log of events that have occurred, so they become a permanent record of what happen, when it happened and who was involved.


PSClient TO-DO's are activities related to the sale, construction and warranty coverage of a new home.  The To-Dos List can be sorted by user, ToDo type and client status.

Traffic Report

The PSClient TRAFFIC REPORT summarizes and totals the number of clients or realtors who visited models during a weekly period.

Transfer Unposted Entries

TRANSFER UNPOSTED ENTRIES allows the user to reassign unposted entries in AP, GL or AR to another user of Gemini.

Trial Balance

The TRIAL BALANCE is a listing of the accounts in the general ledger along with each account's balance in the appropriate debit or credit column. The total of the amounts in the debit column should equal the total of the amounts in the credit column.