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Construction Management Software as Flexible as it is Powerful

Our construction management software is powerful enough to manage the largest of production builders, yet flexible enough to accommodate builders of any size and type. From start-up and small custom builders, GCs and even residential high-rise, we’ve got you covered. Our software solutions are customized to your individual business needs. And as your business grows, our software grows with you.

Customizable to Any Builder Type and Size

No matter what type of builder you are or how many homes you build, our integrated system can be customized to your specific business needs. You only pay for what you actually use.

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GC and
Specialty Trade
  Sales to Warranty - Details of Your Customer Relationship  
  Sales To-Dos (Follow-Up Reminders)  
  Traffic and Demographic Reporting    
  Sales Teams    
  Sub Division & Lot Inventory        
  Building/Floor Plate/Unit Inventory      
  Standard Floor Plans (Models)        
  Options and Color Selection by Community/Model      
  Option Selection Pricing by Community/Model        
  Options and Color Selection by Building/Unit          
  Option Selection Pricing by Building/Unit          
  Option and Color Analytic Reporting      
  Cancelled Option and Color Reporting      
  Custom Options  
  Inner Office Custom Price Requests    
  Transaction Log of All Activity by Client    
  Integration With Estimated Option Costs    
  User Access Control Levels    
WebPortal - Email Marketing  
  Customized Email and SMS Follow-Up Campaigns    
  Analytics for Open Rate/Bounce Rate    
  Drip Email Campaigns for New Prospects  
  Drip Email Campaigns for Realtors    
  Automated Notifications for Customers Under Construction  
Sales Contracts  
  Customer Proposals  
  Unlimited Sales Contracts  
  Change Orders/Design Addendums  
  Contract Version Control  
  Electronic Signature  
  Builder Details Sheets    
WebPortal - Document Management  
  Centralized and Secure Storage of All Job-Related Documents  
  Sales Contracts and Contract Administration    
  Customer Selection Color Sheets, Permits, Drawings    
  Invoices Attached to Job Cost Accounting    
  Access Job Documents From Any Location and Any Device  
  Multi-Levels of User Security  
  Unpublish and Archive Documents  
  Track Document Activity  
Construction Scheduling    
  Scheduling Templates for Multiple Types of Construction      
  Push/Pull Predecessor Logic    
  Vendor Assignment to TASKS    
  Manage Multiple Jobs    
  Vendor Resource Loading    
  Manage Schedule Changes From the Field    
  Integration With Client Option Selections    
  Option Locking in Stages    
  BID-based Estimating    
  Detail Estimating (Dimensional Takeoffs)    
  TakeOff Assemblies    
  Template-based to Create Budgets for Standard Plans (Models)        
  Integrated With the Clients Selections    
  Integrated With Construction Scheduling    
  Vendor Pricing by Region        
  Job Takeoff Templates    
  Global Model Pricing - Base House        
  Global Model Pricing - Standard Options        
  Integrated With Sales Option Catalog - Retail Pricing        
  User Access Control Levels    
Purchasing Management    
  Manage/Compare Vendor Bids    
  Import Vendor Pricing    
  Compare Cost by Cost Code Across Multiple Models        
  Compare Cost by Option Across Multiple Models        
  Compare Cost by Takeoff Detail Across Multiple Models        
  Globally Reprice All Models With Effective Date      
  Division-Based User Access Levels    
Financial and Job Cost Accounting  
  Single Company and Multiple Departments  
  Multiple Companies    
  True Double Entry Accounting With Audit Trail  
  User Access Control Levels  
General Ledger  
  Balance Sheet, Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements  
  Completed Contract Financial Statements  
  Percentage Complete Financial Statements  
  YTD Comparative Income Statements  
  Multi-Company Consolidated Income Statements    
  Inter-Company Transactions    
  Recurring Entries  
  Multiple Checking Accounts and Check Reconciliation  
Accounts Payable  
  AP Reporting by Job  
  AP Retainage  
  Vendor Insurance Tracking  
  Lien Waivers  
  1099 and 1096 Printing and Electronic Filing  
  User-Defined Fields  
  Vendor Actions  
  Multi-Company AP Reporting    
  Multi-Company Global Vendor Maintenance    
  Insurance Audit Reporting  
Job Costing  
  Multiple Job Cost Code Lists  
  Completed Contract and Percentage Complete Reporting  
  Job Control Accounts for WIP and DRAW  
  Multiple Budgets on Each Job  
  Lender Assignment of Loan Commitment  
  Job Accruals at Closing Automated  
  Job Closeout Transfer Automated  
  Job Closeout Transfer Multi-Department    
  G701 Change Order      
  G702 Application and Certification for Payment      
  G703 Continuation Sheet      
  Integrated With Job Costing Budgets and Cost-To-Date      
  Manages Draw Periods      
  Integrates With Accounts Receivable to Create AR Invoices      
  Retainage Settings at Job-Level and Line Item Level      
  Employee Management      
  Multi-State Payroll        
  Standard Federal, State and Local Deduction Formulas      
  401k and Other Pre-Tax Deduction Formulas      
  W2 and W3 Printing and Electronic Filing      
  Federal and State Quarterly Reporting      
  Direct Deposit      
  Govt. Certified Payroll Reporting        
  Import Payroll Timesheet Details From the Field      
  Employee Actions      
  WC Rates Set at Employee and/or Task Level      
  Workers Compensation Reporting      
  Job Burden and Overhead Rates      
  Job Billing Reporting      
Accounts Receivable        
  Accounts Receivable Reporting by Job      
  AR Retainage      
  Creates Invoices and Monthly Statements      
  Calculates Interest Due      
  Cost Plus Billing      
  AR Billing Reporting by Customer, by Sales Rep      
  Sales Rep Commission Structure      
  Custom Actions      
Purchase Orders  
  PO's Automatically Generated Based on Buyers Selections  
  Stage Release of PO's  
  Provides Committed Cost and Projected Costs at Completion  
  Master Document and PO Addendums  
  PO-Driven Accounting  
  PO-Driven Accounting with Auto Pay  
  Variance Purchase Orders  
  Reason Codes to Group & Track Variance PO's  
  Vendor Price Book Contains All Vendor SKU Items and Bids  
  Reprice Existing PO's From the Vendor Price Book  
  Duplicate PO's From one Job to Another  
  Globally Reassign a Vendor to Multiple PO's  
WebPortal - Schedules & Purchase Orders    
  Superintendent Access to Construction Schedules and PO's    
  Vendor Access to Construction Schedules and PO's    
  User Access Control Levels    
WebPortal - Punch List    
  Superintendent Walk - Create Punch List Items    
  Vendor Access Via Mobile    
  Punch List After Superintendent Walk    
  Punch List After Homeowner Walk    
  Create Non-Billable Warranty Work Orders    
  Track Open Warranty Items by Vendor    
  Assign Warranty Codes to Classify Warranty Issues    
  Set Vendors to Warranty Hold When Issues Are Not Resolved    
  User Access Control Levels    
WebPortal - Warranty    
  Clients (Customers) Can Enter a Warranty Request    
  Warranty Tech Access Via Mobile    
  Vendor Access Via Mobile    
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