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Pay Codes

PAY CODES are used to determine payment points to vendors based upon approved stages of construction.

Pay Per Click

PAY PER CLICK is an internet advertising tool to direct customers to other websites for which the advertisers pay the initial website owner (or search engine) when the ad is clicked.

PO Pack

Eclare PO PACKS are used to stage release purchase orders and associate them with PAY POINTS in a schedule. To have Eclare generate multiple purchase orders for the same vendor, you must define Purchase Order Packs (PO PACKS). For example an electricians single bid might be broken down into a 40% Rough In and 60% Final.

PO Package

PO Packages are definable the release points and Pay Points for purchase orders. For example a plumber might have a single BID price for standard features in a certain plan. The BID could be broken down into Pay Points (sometimes referred to as draw stages).

PO Reason Code

PO Reason Codes are used to classify WHY a purchase order was created and used on conjunction with Variance PO’s. For example if I created a variance PO because of an estimating error I would assign a Reason Code = “Estimating Error”.

PO Sequence

The Eclare PO SEQUENCE report menu option allows you to generate a complete list of the purchase order sequences defined in the PO
Pack table. For example, Site Preparation, Foundation, Slab, Drywall, etc.

Preliminary Budget

This budget is typically used to show the Base House portion of the job.

Preliminary + Upgrades = Original Budget

Price Book

PRICE BOOK contains the company's master list of parts and prices associated with the company's vendors to create Purchase Orders.  This information is also maintained in the Eclare Estimating system.


The Eclare PRICING menu option allows you to automatically update the current job’s prices based on your selected pricing method. You may reprice the entire materials list based on the latest prices in the Item Master File or only those for which pricing is missing, directly make price changes for specific items, or change the prices by changing the item’s or Master Product Group’s assigned vendor.

Purchase Orders

A PURCHASE ORDER sets forth the descriptions, quantities, prices, job location, building specifications and other associated terms and conditions with a subcontractor or vendor. A purchase order in Gemini also automates the invoice processing cycle because the vendor, job, cost code and dollar amounts are already known to the system. This saves considerable time and improves coding accuracy.