• Homebuilder Database

Start-Up Faster

Builder Incubator has dramatically reduced the time and expertise required to build “Your” builders database. We have developed a customizable database structure with 90% of the integration already complete. With the ability to quickly and globally customize the database, a new builder client can start with our Builder Incubator database and make changes quickly, as opposed to building from scratch.

Database Complexity

It should come as no surprise, the home building process is complicated. A construction management system must take into account many variables to be effective. When we consider the numerous standard options and color selections that most builders offer, and recognize that those selections must integrate into a sales system, a contracting system, estimating and budgeting system, a scheduling system an accounting system, and a warranty system to provide the builder with accurate management information, we begin to understand the complexity. Building a database containing all of the “bricks & sticks” to achieve this level of integration is a big job that requires software knowledge, a solid understanding of the construction process, and an intimate knowledge of the builders product and process.

What About Your Models and Your Options?

We start with our Builder Incubator database and then work with you to customize the database to meet your needs. This would include adding all your vendors, vendor prices, adding your model names, communities, lots, options and colors. We also edit sales contracts to reflect your legalese, and change work flows to follow your process. Many sections of the integrated database are designed to allow for complete customization by exporting existing structure, modifying and importing back into the integrated system. All the links still exist. All the integrated functionality still works.

Save Time on Set Up and Training

You will save time on set-up by editing an existing database rather than building from scratch. You will also reduce training time because Builder Incubator serves as a working example of HOW TO set up specific areas of the program.


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