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Variance Purchase Orders

Variance Purchase Orders are PO’s created that will result in a variance to the budget. VPO’s can be created for various reasons (vendor price change, weather, estimating error, customer change order) and a PO Reason Code would also be assigned to help track and analyze opportunities for corrective action on future jobs.

Vendor Price Update

The VENDOR PRICE UPDATE option allows viewing and updating the price book by Vendor.


VENDORS are the company's suppliers, subcontractors and providers of any other good or services.


A VISIT is a particular type of To-Do used to create traffic reporting in PSClient

A Visit indicates a person (or persons) physically stopped by one of your model centers. This could be used to track the visitation by a home buyer prospect or by a realtor.

Void Check

VOID CHECK feature is found in the Process AP Checks function.  This feature is used to void a check that has been written in the Gemini program.  The vendor and check number are required.