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Master File

The Eclare MASTER FILE is the estimating/purchasing database of building resources and prices. The Master File menu option allows the definition of items and assemblies of items for estimating jobs through the takeoff process.  There are 4 types of entries: Items, Fixed Items, Assemblies and Locked Assemblies. In the case of Items and Fixed Items one or more vendors can be associated to an item with a vendors unit prices for the specific item.

Master Option List

The PSClient MASTER OPTION LIST contains and defines all options available for the construction of a new home including upgrades, chargeable and nonchargeable items.

Master Product Groups

The Eclare MASTER PRODUCT GROUPS menu option allows you to define major item groupings by trades, and to assign each group a default vendor of choice.

Material Summary

The Eclare MATERIAL SUMMARY menu option allows you to generate a bill of materials for a job. Use this report to summarize all the job’s requirements.

Model Options

PSClient MODEL OPTIONS are structural and design options available to a specific model.


MODELS are the house plans available for sale by a homebuilder. Design and structural options are selected from the Master Option list for each model plan available.