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DEBIT refers to the left column of an account.

Departments: Gemini

Gemini Departments refer to an accounting structure designed to report income, costs and profit based on individual profit centers.

Departments: PSClient

PSClient DEPARTMENTS is a menu option for a client on the client list.  Selecting this option opens up additional tabs that contain system and user defined information for Construction, Design, and Finance departments.

Direct Deposit

A DIRECT DEPOSIT is a deposit of money directly into a person's bank account using electronic funds transfers instead of paper checks.  Direct deposit is most common for the payment of payroll.

Direct JC Only

In Gemini DIRECT JC ONLY is a way to lock a GL account to only allow postings directly from a job.


The Eclare DIVISIONS menu option allows you to define a numbering system within your Item Master file. Although you may define the sixteen standard divisions used by the CSI (Construction Standards Institute) or AIA (American Institute of Architects), Eclare allows you to define up to 99 different divisions.

Drip Email Campaigns

A form of email campaigns, DRIP EMAIL CAMPAIGNS release a pre-written set of messages to potential customers over a period of time.


Used to assign the time required (in days) to complete a specific task in the construction schedule. For example Rough Plumbing might have a duration of 1 day and Framing might have a duration of 4 days.