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Backup Company Data

BACKUP COMPANY DATA creates a zip file copy of the company at the time the backup is made.  The backup copy is saved to a folder designated by the user.

Balance Sheet

The BALANCE SHEET reports a company's assets, liabilities, and owner's (stockholders') equity accounts at a specific point in time.


BANK MICR is a special module for use with a cash account.  MICR allows the Gemini program to utilize a blank check form and print the required checking account information at the time an invoice is paid.

Base Price

The BASE PRICE of a model includes the prices for all standard options.  Upgrade options are NOT included in the Base Price of a model.

Brand Discovery

A process by which a company’s brand is thoroughly examined in order to find the answers to the important questions regarding audience, competition, strengths & weaknesses to name a few needed to build the foundation for successful marketing strategies.