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JC Category List

In Gemini the JC CATEGORY LIST provides major classification of job task groupings.  For example, R-Revenue, L-Labor and M-Material.

JC Closeout Account

A Gemini JC CLOSEOUT ACCOUNT is a general ledger account that a job's previously unreported revenue and cost will post to once a job is closed. Typically these are Income Statement general ledger accounts for Sales and Cost of Sales.

Job Closeout Accrual

The JOB CLOSEOUT ACCRUAL is an automated journal entry created to record a job's outstanding costs (based on budgets or open purchase orders) as of the job's closing date.

Job Criteria

The Eclare JOB CRITERIA menu option allows you to further customize your company’s Eclare takeoff criteria lists (e.g. area, elevation, series).

Job Schedules

The PSClient JOB SCHEDULES menu option allows users to view construction jobs by superintendent, access a specific client’s schedule, assign new clients to a superintendent, assign schedules from a master list, and track the jobs’ construction stage.

Job Status

In Gemini JOB STATUS indicates the method to account for the costs & revenues of a job.  OPEN (POST TO WIP) is used for the completed contract accounting method establishing an asset and liability account for a job until the job is completed and closed.  DIRECT (OPEN, POST TO P&L) is used for the percent complete accounting method that directly posts all costs & revenues to the income statement.  CLOSED (POST TO P&L) is the status a job is changed to once the job is completed and closed.  This sends any costs incurred after the closing date directly to the income statement.