• Remote Staffing


It goes without saying (but we will mention it anyway), we provide training for all of our software products, cloud servers, and CMS web sites. Users can acquire training through a number of methods:

Software Users Manual: We realize no one ever reads the manual, but they are here anyway. Our manuals are updated with every annual release and available as a download in pdf or MSWord format.

Incidentally these are actually very well written, easy to follow.

Software E-HELP: Help is right at your finger tips, just press F1 and content specific help will pop up. This is a great way to learn the details, while navigating through our program, pressing F1 will bring forward the help screens for that specific menu option.

Web Based FAQ and Forums: The Builder Incubator web site contains and FAQ page categorized by sections of the program. Many of the FAQ’s are also linked to the forum, blogs and video tutorials to provide greater depth on a related topic.

Access the forums and you can interact with other Prosoft users to learn how they handled certain topics, or provide some feedback to help another user.

Web Based video tutorials: We continue to produce web based tutorials on many topics.

Example-Instructional database: Our BI database can be loaded on your server and accessed as a guide to see how we set up a sample company.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedures): These are created specifically for your company and are an excellent reference document when training new employees.

Remote Training: We offer remote training on all aspects of our system utilizing a screen sharing technology to allow you to see our screens, or us to see yours. This training can be one on one or you might have many individuals attend the training, each from their own location.



In addition to building and maintaining your cloud server, our IT staff is available for your other technology requirements. For example our IT staff can handle your email set up and migration, if you choose to migrate from an MSOutlook-Exchange server based system to the Google business platform designed for the web.


Bookkeeping & Virtual CFO

Builder Incubator bookkeeping services is often the entry point for many start up businesses, which includes; AP invoice entry, check processing (in YOUR office), financial and job reporting, check reconciliation, and vendor insurance certification management. For a more details see our Bookkeeping Process. Our accounting services also extend to the level of Chief Financial Officer, in addition to providing accurate and timely historical financial reporting our Virtual CFO role can assist you with financial forecasting and strategic planning.


Estimating & Purchasing Management

Our remote estimating service utilizes our Eclare system to allow complete integration with our sales and accounting systems. Our estimators have extensive experience in the home building industry and follow a well establish process designed specifically for home construction.

Our estimates include quantity take offs, detailed bill of materials list, budget by cost code, and purchase orders. Our estimating process includes plan review, value engineering, specification development and vendor bid requests, bid management, and bid comparison.


Database Building & Data Maintenance

Our integrated sales to warranty system can be a tremendous asset that provides accurate information throughout your entire organization. Our Builder Incubator database will provide the fundamentals and our database specialists are available to modify and maintain the system to meet your specific requirements. This can include modifying;

  • The Master Options list to reflect your specific terms, product descriptions and part numbers
  • The Color Tables to reflect the color choices available for your carpet, tile, countertops
  • The General Ledger Chart of Accounts to reflect your current general ledger structure, account names, bank accounts, etc.
  • The legal text on our standard sales contracts and customer documents to reflect your legal language

Periodically you will need to change prices in your vendor price file, or update model base prices or discontinue a specific option and replace it with another. These database maintenance steps are easy to accomplish and we will teach you how to handle the changes on your own. However we are also there to do the maintenance, if workloads or staff limitations prevent your team from “getting it done”.



Perhaps the most dynamic aspect of the home building industry is how marketing has evolved from traditional methods (model homes, parade of homes and HBAs, local print media, signage, radio, and TV spots) to include the advances and impact of the internet. The internet represents the best investment a builder can make in terms of marketing dollars but can also represents a technical challenge for most small companies, who then rely on less than stellar and non-industry specific solutions.

Builder Incubator offers a series of inbound marketing services and web asset development products that are typically project oriented. In addition we are here for builder’s that prefer to have us manage certain aspects of their marketing presence on an on-going basis. This might include weekly blog articles, creating new landing pages, writing “copywriting that converts”, social media updates, drip email campaigns, updating model prices or images on your web site, SEO, and web analytics. From the smallest marketing task to a complete strategic plan, Builder Incubator will be your home builder marketing resource.