• Remote Staffing

Benefits of Remote Staffing with Builder Incubator

Experts for the Job
Our personnel have extensive experience in the home building industry, follow professional business practices and are experts in our software products.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
Our service offerings are well designed with a series of written standard procedures to insure a consistently accurate process.

Dedicated Staff
Our bookkeepers remain assigned to a specific home builder client, giving them an opportunity to gain a deeper working knowledge of your vendors and jobs. This enables them to provide more insightful analysis and guidance over time.

No Training Required
New staff always require some training before they become fully productive. Our staff is trained and fully productive immediately.

No Turn Over or Vacation Issues
We also take vacations, however our staff depth and continual hiring & training programs enable us to provide staffing to our customers without interruptions.

We are available on a project basis or weekly as needed
Some of our services are typically contracted as ongoing. Bookkeeping is every week or every two weeks depending on the builders’ payment cycle. Other services (estimating, marketing or data building for example) are "as needed" and can be contracted periodically based on the project requirements.

Easy Transition to your on site employees
Our staffing services can be long term; however we are also geared to support you until you are ready to hire internal staff. At that time we will assist in the transition and training for your new hires. An important note here - when your new staff comes on board, they will be joining a company that is well organized with good systems and business practices. This will result in a greater level of success for those new hires and reduce your cost of hiring, training, and retraining.

More Cost Effective
Thats right! Builder Incubator remote staffing is often a better value and less expensive than the traditional employee.

We are dedicated to your success!
Our core mission is to help home builders become more successful. Together we will develop a set of meaningful metrics specifically for your business, establish goals and baseline measurements so we can mutually track our success.