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How a home builder benefits using BI Cloud Computing

A Single Source For Both Your Server And Your Software

Most home builders use industry specific software to meet the unique requirements of home construction. These home builder requirements include an integrated Sales, Estimating, Scheduling, Accounting, and Warranty system. For all of this to run properly a specific server must be deployed. In fifteen plus years of implementing software for home builders, we have had great successes, but when something goes wrong the builder has two people to turn to, the IT company and the software company. Since the early days of virtualization and then cloud servers, we have been evolving our server design. We now have a configuration that works exceedingly well in a cloud environment and are in a position to provide both server and software at a very competitive cost. Most importantly, we can stand behind the complete package.

A Server Specially Designed For Our Builder Software

Software has become very sophisticated and will continue to evolve as new requirements are incorporated. We are the software developers, who better to design the server to fit our software.

A Large User Base

An experienced business will not run custom software for mission critical applications. Most home builders would prefer a software product that meets all of their needs, and is also deployed at hundreds of other locations. A standardized software product deployed across hundreds, thousands, or even millions of independent locations provides not only economies of scale with a lower cost of ownership, but also ensures a greater level of reliability. That same standardized concept also applies to the server hardware and configuration. A well tested hardware configuration that has been specifically designed to be compatible with our Prosoft suite, deployed over a large user base, provides our next customer with a reliable proven model.

Corporate Office Band Width

Most semi-custom home builders operate model homes as sales offices. With a traditional physical server located at the builders’ corporate office, each model center would be piped back to the corporate office. This can create a bottle neck due to limited bandwidth going into the corporate office often resulting in slower than normal computing speed and a loss of productivity.

With a cloud server, users from the corporate office and users from each model center are pointing to the cloud data center which has substantially more bandwidth than the corporate office.

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