• Cloud Computing

Benefits of Cloud Servers

Remote Access
You can access your data remotely not just in the office.

No upfront capital expenditure
Cloud computing is a monthly fee, pay as you go.

Scale as you grow
As your computing requirements change, cloud architecture allows us to increase or decrease your server capacity, very quickly with only incremental cost changes.

No Replacement Costs
Equipment is upgraded constantly in a cloud environment, but you do not incur the cost of buying new equipment every 3-5 years.

Reliability Improved
Most small organizations do not have the IT staff or access to the state of the art equipment found in our cloud environment. Equipment interruptions can happen, but they are far less likely due to better equipment and proactive prevention by our IT staff.

More Secure
A cloud environment is far more secure for both the physical environment and the user protocols when compared to most small businesses.

No Cost of OS
The Operating System licenses are included in your cloud environment eliminating the need to purchase server OS software.

IT Costs are Reduced
We manage the Cloud Server so you do not need a dedicated or highly available IT staff to maintain your servers. The server operating system, Prosoft application updates and web site apps are all maintained by Builder Incubator.

The utilization of cloud computing is growing as are the related technologies that surround and improve this method of computing. The adoption of cloud computing by many large organizations has resulted in consistent cost reductions and quality improvements.


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