• Cloud Computing

You Build Homes, Not Servers

Cloud Computing enables your business to leverage today’s technology to provide a more secure, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective hardware infrastructure. Yesterday it was a very complicated process - designing a server to meet the needs of all of your applications, purchasing the OS and the application licenses, building and configuring the server, virus protection and backups, managing software updates, and server rooms with proper cooling and security. Today you only need one resource – Builder Incubator with a pay-as-you-go approach to all of your server and data requirements.

You Need Data!

Of all the types of small businesses (those with less than 100 employees), Home Building is perhaps the most data-intensive. Even a builder with 3 to 4 employees has a need for timely, accurate information delivered in a remote fashion. In fact, for a smaller builder to compete with the larger firms, they need the same types of information systems, but without the huge cost and IT staffing requirements.


But Do You Need a Server?

If you are just “into” building servers, go for it. But if you are into building homes, we have a better solution. Today, even very large organizations are outsourcing their server requirements. NASA and Intel use the same cloud server infrastructure as Builder Incubator. We have selected the most secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure and made it affordable to a home builder of your size.


Who is AWS?

Builder Incubator selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) after an extensive review of the leading cloud server providers. Our server specification and automation is designed specifically for our home builder applications, and AWS was one of the few that allows for very refined server management. Of course, Amazon was an early developer of server virtualization and the largest cloud computing platform. After working with them for several years, we are convinced AWS is the most innovative provider to date.


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