• Homebuilder Software

A CRM for Builders

Easily Capture Buyer Information and Close More Sales

Prosoft PSClient is built for home builders. The CRM system contains all of the requirements for a home building sales system including, many User Definable Fields, To-Do follow up reminders, Sales letters and all Sales Contracts, Change Orders and Addendums.

  1. When a new prospect is entered a STATUS is assigned (Hot, Medium or Cold)
  2. Your prospect list can be filtered based on Sales Person, Sales Team, Subdivision, Status
  3. TRANSACTIONS show a detail list of all activities for each client. Activities completed, as well as To-Do activities that are scheduled to be completed


A New Prospect's Initial Entry Screen


  1. The GENERAL tab shows the initial entry screen for the new prospect
  2. The prospect's home address and phone, email information
  3. The subdivision visited, the Sales Associate is assigned (Please note "Sales Person 1" is a generic name for our demo database and would be replaced with the actual names of your sales people)
  4. The Realtor, including the option to indicate "No Realtor"


Additional Tabs Provide More Screens

  1. Collect your prospect's demographic data with user definable PROFILES
  2. The ENTRY tab and DATE tab offer more user definable fields
  3. The CONTRACT tab is used when printing a Sales Contract
  4. The CO-BUYER tab is used to capture additional buyer's contact information


Even More Powerful Features Provided Here

  1. MODEL OPTIONS is used to select the model, standard options, custom options, and color selections
  2. DEPARTMENTS brings up a second window with security enabled fields for entries from Construction, Design, Finance and Closing departments
  3. SCHEDULE is used to load the Construction Schedule to this buyer
  4. CLIENT DOCUMENTS can be stored here to allow your team to easily and securely access documents for this buyer




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