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Builder-Centric Software, Websites and Marketing
With four decades of experience developing software for home builders of all sizes, we have a unique perspective on the industry and what builders need to help grow their business.

Today, Builder Incubator is not only dedicated to providing home builders and contractors a powerful software system to help manage all aspects of their business. We’ve added a fully-integrated system of services that compliment and integrate with our software.

From software to website development, remote staffing to sales & marketing, we provide the resources to make running your business easier, so you can focus on building beautiful homes and growing your business.

Builder Marketing

Brand discovery and brand development

Prospects are searching for your business. Inbound Marketing "attracts" them to you with engaging, value-driven content.

Integrated Email and SMS-text campaigns to nurture your leads

SEO helps make sure your prospects find you. Analytics help you understand them when they do.

Creative Services for home builders — digital, print, outdoor. Agency-level creative without the agency-level cost.

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Home Builder Website

Responsive — Works on any device: phone, tablet or desktop

Web Portal — Vendors retrieve schedules and purchase orders, customers retrieve documents, track progress, request warranty work

Database driven — Display models, communities, projects, customer referrals, blog articles and more

Beautiful and unique design to elevate your brand

A Content Management System — We can teach your team how to make changes, or we make the changes for you

More than just a simple website. More tools to build your business

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Builder CRM

A Customer Relationship Management System specifically for the home builder industry

Track your buyer from lead to warranty
(Handshake to Homeowner)

Track your houses, SPECs & projects under construction

Industry-specific fields for construction as well as user definable fields

User security settings for different types of users
(sales, designers, field superintendents, project managers, contract admins, closing agents, estimators, etc.)

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Subdivisions & Lot Inventory

Easily track the communities and individual lots. Assign lots to buyers and SPEC homes

Lot number, address, lot premiums, note fields, purchase dates, lot size

Lot Status – Indicates which lots are sold, reserved, opened or closed

Hide and/or restrict certain lots

Track Budget vs Actual for Solds, Starts, Completions by subdivision

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Standard Plans & Models

Semi-custom and fully-custom builders use the MODEL as a starting point for all projects

Semi-custom builders will have several standard plans — a base price and upgrade options with colors

Fully-custom builders will have a building type — with a series of user-defined option categories allowing for a detailed collection of customer project requirements

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Options and Colors

Select upgrade options by room, category or level

Certain options can also have color selections with “drop-down” tables for items like manufacturer, make, color name, number, etc...

Can be selected in multiple design sessions — saved, unselected, reselected — and produce an audit trail of each session

Selections can be pulled into the sales contract and the vendor packet

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Sales Contracts

Generate multiple types of contracts using our built-in word editor — Sales contract, Change Orders, Addendums, Customer Summaries, Vendor Details with no prices

Copy & paste your legal text and then format and style, adding your logo

Contract Version Control — Tracks the original contract and automatically creates a pending addendum as you make changes to your selections

Audit Trail reporting shows each contract change, which options or colors were added or deleted, the addendum number and the date of the change

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Document Management

Store all your customer and project information in one secure location

Accessible remotely so your team can view from the field

Allow secure and restricted access to vendors, customers and appropriate 3rd parties

Provides a secure way to collaborate real time and keep all parties working with the correct documents

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To-Do Work Flow

A workflow system that will increase your productivity

Create To-Do’s for each phase of a job, where users are automatically assigned specific tasks with expected due dates and instructions

To-Do's help employees prioritize their day, staying organized with tasks associated with each job

Prevents items from falling through the cracks — permits get ordered on time, start packages get released on time, sales follow-up calls get placed

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Construction Scheduling

A detailed schedule designed specifically for construction

Push-pull predecessor logic, so each task can be tied to one or more predecessor tasks

Vendor assignment at the task level, so vendors can be notified

Vendor loading to allow the builder to see future bottlenecks when vendors or internal resources will be overloaded

Project accurate completion and closing dates at the start of a job

Track each task and compare actual start date, actual done date with a baseline

Variance days are tracked at the job level and vendor level. Assists in vendor management and vendor negotiations — when you know how often a vendor delayed your jobs

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Purchasing & Estimating

Creates detailed budgets and purchase orders directly from the customer selections (@ model and options)

Utilizes detailed templates for a standard plan or job type

Handles base house as well as options; standard features are deducted when options are selected providing a net purchase order. This improves vendor communication — clearly stating what goes in the house or project

PO-driven accounting improves coding accuracy and speeds up the AP process

Contains a vendor price database for each item, with date-effective pricing. Forecast budgets based on future prices

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Job Cost Accounting

Our job cost accounting is a true subsidiary ledger of a robust financial accounting system. This method provides numerous and detailed job reports, while always keeping job costs and general ledger accounts automatically in balance

Multiple Cost Code lists allow for different types of projects within the same company (homebuilding, land development, light commercial, masonry, roofing)

Handles both work-in-process and percentage-complete job cost methods

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Financial Accounting

A true double posting accounting system with complete audit trail

General ledger, Accounts Payable, Job Costing, AIA, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Purchase Orders

Multiple companies (legal entities)

Multiple profit centers (departmental P&Ls) within a single company

Access multiple accounting periods (months and years)

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Warranty Management

Create non-billable work orders for punch-out and warranty items

Track status of open/closed work orders and completion dates

Create warranty classifications (roof, paint, plumbing, etc)

Analyze warranty items based on subdivision, model, superintendent, vendor or warranty classification

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BI Webportal

Provides secure, remote and user defined access to your construction management system

Accept purchase orders, construction schedules, job related documents

Access sales contracts, photos, track home progress, request warranty repairs

Field Supers and Project Managers
Manage schedules, purchase order status, documents, To-Do's

Sales and Design
Manage client level To-Do’s, view client-related documents

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