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Deposits & Sales Contract

Reviewing Our Selections

  1. We have added a few more standard options
  2. Displays the Total Options and the Total Price


Entering Deposits

  1. Enter the Deposit Amounts. Notice PSClient will handle multiple deposits
  2. Enter the Due Date for each of the respective deposits
  3. Enter the check # and amount for any checks received (Please note: this is not an accounting transaction, but just a record of checks received by a salesperson or design person)


Sales Contract Page 1


  1. The Sales Contract can be designed based on your preferences and legal requirements. In this example, the Sales Contract shows the Base Price at the top
  2. All of the Options are displayed here. This area can also include Option Notes and Color Selections
  3. Total price for all options and the Total Sales Price for the house


Sales Contract Page 2

  1. Page 2 displays the individual deposits
  2. The Total Deposits required
  3. The Balance Due at closing (the Total Sales Price less all of the deposits)

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