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In today’s world, a home builder must have a strong digital presence on the internet. In fact, a solid digital marketing strategy is paramount if you wish to maximize new client development, brand visibility and generate impactful revenue opportunities. An effective digital marketing toolbox will include items that we’ve previously identified — a strong website that is designed with mobile responsiveness, a compelling company blog to increase user engagement, the effective use of SEO to maximize your website’s visibility and a robust social media campaign to increase brand presence and create new opportunities to interact and connect with potential buyers. These are all part of Builder Incubator's construction marketing services. Below are a few other important items to add to your digital marketing strategy:

Email Marketing Campaign

An effective way of turning prospects into customers, a well planned mobile-friendly email marketing campaign is a key element in reaching homebuyers in a cost-effective way and improving your company’s ROI. We develop a series of graphically compelling emails with company logo and personalized, targeted message. We then target specific audience segments at specified time intervals through our customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Digital Banner Ads

We design a series of creative banner ads with your logo and compelling message that drives traffic to your website and increases product awareness. This medium can be static, animated or interactive with rich media.